The Charlatans

It’s 2098, and the American South is now the National Congregation of Theocratic Christianity, one of six autonomous nations created from the former United States.   Shuttlesworth and Claybrooke are out-of-work psychiatrists who immigrated from the Northeast to make their fortunes in the Theocracy by pretending to be exorcists, secretly treating the “demon possessed” with black market psychotropic medications—for a hefty price.  

Shuttlesworth, conflicted about swindling the Theocracy’s poverty-stricken citizens, becomes enamored of an underground revolutionary group, Kingdom Come, and their charismatic leader Raziel. On the eve of the revolution, Shuttlesworth and Claybrooke arrive at an exorcism to find the last thing they expect—a real demon.  The creature is hellbent on destroying Raziel and the Kingdom Come movement, and he intends to use the two conmen to do it.  To defeat the demon, they’re both forced to attempt the riskiest cons of their lives—with an entire nation at stake.  


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