Summerslam Predictions

I am going to start a brief predictions section before all WWE, TNA, and ROH pay-per-views.  When I get it right I get to lord it over everyone and say "I told you so!" and when i get it wrong you can heckle me in the comments section. So without further ado:


John Cena vs Brock Lesnar, WWE Title:  John Cena wins clean.  I have debated this in my mind endlessly.  I think it is absolutely the wrong choice, but I think WWE reaffirms its near pathological commitment to protecting John Cena from any perception of weakness.  Having him booked as an "Underdog" makes it that much more likely though I am having a difficult time believing a double-digit time world champion is an underdog.  What would be a better choice, would be to have Lesnar go over clean and next month put some up-and-comer over clean to send their career through the stratosphere.  This could be Ambrose, Rollins, Cesaro, or Reigns (I don't personally care for the guy but he is very over).  With all this being said, it is possible Cena goes over and then Rollins cashes MITB to become the champ which would be a compromise allowing Cena to save face while still doing something bold.  

Brie Bella vs Stephanie McMahon: Brie.  *snore* I hate this angle.  

Swagger vs Rusev in a flag match:  Rusev goes over probably due to some mischief by Lana.  

Jericho vs Bray Wyatt:  Bray Wyatt wins to set up a rubber match between the two.  

The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler:  Ziggler I am showing some extreme faith in WWE here as I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if The Miz retains.  I am hoping Ziggler's 3 year punishment for criticizing the management's coddling of Randy Orton is finally over.  

AJ Lee vs Paige:  AJ Lee retains.  I am actually pretty excited about this match.  Both of these young ladies have stepped up their game.  I think AJ probably keeps the title setting up for a bigger showdown between the 2 where Paige goes over.  

Rob Van Dam vs Cesaro:  Cesaro wins.  I love Rob Van Dam (though I acknowledge he is not the wrestler he was 15, 10 or even just 5 years ago) but they should really be calling him "Job" Van Dam these last several months.  Though honestly Cesaro hasn't been getting much better treatment, sadly.  I would imagine that Cesaro must have pissed somebody backstage off to have his push put on hold like it has the past few months.  You never know exactly what goes on behind closed doors. 

Rollins vs Ambrose Lumberjack match:  Rollins gets the victory which sets up ambrose getting revenge sometime down the line.  


Posted on August 17, 2014 .