Astros 94-68 The most talented group of youngsters not named the Cubs. They have few weaknesses; they hit, they run, they defend, and they pitch. 

Mariners 85-77 Addition of Lind/Aoki's OBP compliments M's power and look for big improvements from young hurler Walker, but they fall just short. 

Rangers 83-79 I'm not as hot on the Rangers as others; they are depending on a lot of older players to repeat and injured players to get healthy. Not a good recipe for October. 

Angels 79-83 Yes Trout is awesome, and there are some decent pieces around him, but that rotation has more question marks than The Riddler's suit coat. 

Athletics 72-90 They aren't as bad as last year's record would suggest, but they are still the worst team in the American League. 



White Sox 87-75 Sale/Quintana/Rodon are going to mow opposing batters down right and left, and the additional bats will be just enough for them to snatch the division.

Royals 86-76 The champs can hit, and their pitching is golden from the 7th on, but who's going to pitch the first 6 innings? The starting pitching is all kinds of bad. 

Tigers 86-76 The rotation is suspect, and the bullpen, while better is far from fixed. But this is one of the best offensive clubs in baseball, period. 

Indians 84-78 The exact opposite of the Tigers; the arms are elite, but they just won't score enough runs. The loss of Brantley for several months is killer. 

Twins 77-85 They are stacked with young talent, but last year was a aberration. They are still a few years (and a few pitchers) away. 



Blue Jays 89-73 They will swat their way to another division title. That collection of bats is historic levels of awesome. The rotation is mediocre, but enough. 

Red Sox 85-77 Without a doubt they are better, but who pitches after Price? If you believe any of those guys will be healthy or effective you are delusional. 

Rays 83-79 Their arms are the envy of the league. Their bats are improved, just not improved enough. 

Orioles 82-80 They will hit a bunch of homers and also give up a bunch of runs. Lots of 8-6 losses in their future. 

Yankees 78-84 There is no way in hell you get the production from A-Rod/Tex/Beltran you got last year. Everyone here is old, fragile or both. 




Giants 92-70 New pitching additions help, and Span is true leadoff man they've always needed. Ultra-balanced Giants will go as far as Cueto's elbow allows.

Diamondbacks 89-73 There is huge talent here, but the depth is paper thin. Assuming the new arms and familiar bats stay healthy, this is a playoff-level team. 

Dodgers 87-75 The loss of Grienke hurts obviously, the loss of Brett Anderson is salt-in-the-wound. I'm not sure Pederson can hit for average or Puig can, well, stop being Puig.

Padres 72-90 Cashner and Ross bounce back, which means they are dealt at the deadline. Will Myers ever be healthy? 

Rockies 70-92 Those bats are stellar, but their pitching is the worst in a lot. 



Cubs 98-64 Unreal talent. One of those weird quirks where the team is significantly better, but doesn't show in the record much due to some natural regressions.

Pirates 89-73 People are overlooking this team due to losses on rotation. Don't. There are arms in the pipeline and they have the best outfield trio in baseball. 

Cardinals 87-75 The pitching is very, very good, even if they are due for a regression to career norms. The bats are going to struggle, especially with the injury to Peralta. 

Brewers 68-94 The "loser" in the NL Central race-to-the-bottom. Their pitching is slightly less awful than the Reds. 

Reds 66-96 Believe it or not, there are teams that are worse than the Reds in baseball: See the NL East...



Mets 92-70 This is assuming all the young flame-throwers stay healthy. If one of these guys goes down they are in trouble, because the lineup is just okay. 

Nationals 90-72 Outside of Harper, the offense is injury-prone and unreliable. But the rotation is already very good, and there are pitching prospects on the way. 

Marlins 82-80 The only team in the NL that isn't either really good or really bad. They have excellent pieces, but not enough talent to support them. 

Braves 62-100 Good gracious, this team is bad in every phase of the game. A painful rebuild is on the way, but they got a king's ransom for Miller from the D'Backs. 

Phillies 58-104 As terrible as this team is, the future is bright. Their farm system is getting restocked and they have some studs just entering the MLB level. 



Tigers over Royals



Pirates* over Nationals

*Pirates win play-in game over Diamondbacks



Astros over Tigers in 3

Blue Jays over White Sox in 4



Cubs over Pirates in 4

Giants over Mets in 5



Astros over Blue Jays in 6

Giants over Cubs in 7



Astros over Giants in 6



1) Carlos Correia, Astros

2) Mike Trout, Angels

3) Manny Machado, Orioles

4) Josh Donaldson, Blue Jays

5) Francisco Lindor, Indians



1) Paul Goldschmidt, Diamondbacks

2) Anthony Rizzo, Cubs

3) Bryce Harper, Nationals

4) Nolan Arenado, Rockies

5) Andrew McCutchen, Pirates



1) Chris Sale, White Sox

2) Felix Hernandex, Mariners

3) Danny Salazar, Indians

4) Chris Archer, Rays

5) Carlos Carrasco, Indians



1) Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers

2) Matt Harvey, Mets

3) Gerrit Cole, Pirates

4) Madison Bumgarner, Giants

5) Jacob deGrom, Mets