NFL Predictions: 2015


* indicates widlcard



RAVENS 11-5:  A well balanced team that can pass, run and defend comes out atop rugged divison

*BENGALS 10-6 Another season, another playoff trip.  Is this the year they finally win a playoff game?

STEELERS 9-7 The Iron Curtain is showing a lot of holes. This D can't stop anyone, but man can Ben pass!  

BROWNS: 5-11 On D these guys are no slouches, but that offense...Yikes!



PATRIOTS 10-6 With Brady and Co. the victors in the "Deflategate" Saga, it will be business as usual.

JETS 10-6 Fitz is better than Geno anyway.  Defense keeps Jets within an eyelash of making the playoffs. 

DOLPHINS 10-6 Tannehill is the most underrated QB in NFL, but the man needs a suppoting cast.

BILLS 9-7 If Taylor is legit NFL QB and McCoy is healthy, these guys could be 11-5. Don't count on it. 



COLTS 13-3 Colts fatten up on dreadful division.  But that doesn't mean they aren't for real. 

TEXANS 5-11 Losing Foster for significant time is killer, though D is still stacked.  

JAGUARS 4-12 Team is slowly turning the ship around, but its a long, slow process.

TITANS 3-13 Mariota enters tough situation; no real weapons and spotty line protection



BRONCOS 10-6 Peyton's last hurrah is another good team who falls just short

*CHARGERS 10-6 Chargers could always pass and addition of Gordon will help the run.

CHIEFS 9-7 Good-but-not-great Chiefs sputter because of mediocre pass game (again).

RAIDERS 6-10 There are very promising pieces here, but they are still a few years from relevance. 



PACKERS 11-5 Loss of Nelson hurts, but not enough to derail Rodgers and Co.

*VIKINGS 10-6 Promising Bridgewater gets his first taste of playoff football with help from AP.

LIONS 8-8 Yes they can pass, but what else can they do? They won't be the same without Suh

BEARS 5-11 D is bad, but can't be as bad as last year, but Loss of White makes O worse.



COWBOYS: 9-7 'Boys worse than last year but stil good enough to win mediocre division. 

EAGLES 9-7 Bradford gets hurt (big surprise) but Sanchez effective in Kelly system. D if awful, though.

GIANTS 7-9 They will pass well, run poorly and play little to no defense.  

REDSKINS 4-12 What a mess football in the Capital is these days.  



SAINTS 9-7 The D is not as good as '13 but not as bad as '14. Brees still Brees.  

PANTHERS 8-8 Cam is for real, but loss of Benjamin is killer on thin receiving corp.

BUCCANEERS 6-10 Winston has some nice weapons and will have a respectable rookie season. 

FALCONS 6-10 Another team that can pass but can't do much else.  



SEAHAWKS 14-2 Jimmy G. added to this team? That isn't even fair.  

*CARDINALS 9-7 It all depends of Palmer's health. Coaching, D, and Receivers great, but not enough without QB.

RAMS 8-8 Foles true ability somewhere between great '13 and mediocre '14

49ERS 4-12 Worse offseason ever results in dismal showing.  




(6) Bengals def (3) Patriots - The Bengals end their playoff W drought in style by beating champs in Foxboro

(4) Broncos def (5) Chargers - Peyton delivers carries his team for another deep run

(3) Cowboys def (6) Cardinals - Too much talent in pass game for Cards to handle

(5) Vikings def (4) Saints - Peterson runs over soft Saints D to the tune of 150+ yards



(1) Colts def (6) Bengals - The Bengals put a scare in the top seed but ultimately fall

(3) Broncos def (2) Ravens - Broncos avenge double overtime thriller loss of a few years ago

(1) Seahawks def (5) Vikings - Seahawks give young Vikings a lesson in playoff football

(2) Packers def (3) Cowboys - Last year's rematch, same result.



(1) Colts def (3) Broncos - the torch officially passed from Manning to Luck

(1) Seakhawks def (2) Packers - Stop me if you've heard this...last year's rematch, same result.


Seahawks def Colts - Luck continues to improve every year and make it one round farther, but Seahawks just too good on both sides of the ball for anyone to beat.  

Posted on September 7, 2015 .