NBA Predictions 2015-2016:




RAPTORS 48-34Stole DeMarre Carroll to add to stacked back court. Front court talented but thin.  

CELTICS 43-39Adding Lee/Johnson smart move.  Not sure how all the pieces fit together, but there is talent here.  

NETS 42-40Stuck in neutral; too good to tank, but too bad get past first round of playoffs.

KNICKS 22-60Better than last year, but that's not saying much.  Phil is stick in the 90s;  The triangle is irrelevant in today's NBA, let it go.  

76ERS 21-61 Noel and Okafor are imposing front court, but this team is young, raw and will take their lumps.  




CAVALIERS 64-18The bugs have been worked out.  Barring injury, this team dominates.  

BULLS 54-28Trying to catch Warrior Magic, Bulls bring back same team with new coach, hoping to get over the hump.  

BUCKS 51-31 This team is stacked, I mean STACKED with young talent.  East Finals not out of the question.  

PISTONS 31-51The Jackson/Drummond connection is good, but they don't have much on the wings.  

PACERS 28-54The front court is going to be eaten alive by, well, everyone.  




HEAT 51-31A full season of Dragic/Wade/Deng/Bush/Whiteside should be much better.  

HAWKS 50-32 No knock on the Hawks, their starters are good and their coaching is great, but they will miss Carroll.

WIZARDS 47-35Young, talented, fragile guards will miss leadership and scoring of Pierce.

MAGIC 30-52Talented youngsters just can't quite pull it all together, but they will improve. 

HORNETS 29-53Jefferson is good, but Walker is one of the least efficient scorers in the league, and Batum has injury problems.  









SPURS59-23The next "Big Three" (Leonard/Greed/Aldridge) might be better than the last one.  Scary. 

ROCKETS 56-26They are actually better than last year, but record won't show it due to stout division.  And some guys named the Spurs.  

PELICANS 52-30Davis and Co. get first taste of playoff success.  

GRIZZLIES51-31Grizz keep doing what they do; playing great D, giving other teams headaches in the playoffs, but falling just short.

MAVERICKS 42-40 Sort of the Nets West, not bad by any stretch, but not really good either.





THUNDER 57-25KD and friends fatten up on bad division.  Crazy talent, but as last year showed, not deep enough. 

JAZZ 43-39I'm not as high on this "sleeper" as some folks are, but I do think they are good enough to take the 8 seed.  

TIMBERWOLVES 24-58Young talent starts to pay small dividens.  The tide is turning, albeit slowly.

NUGGETS 23-59 How much will the Nugs miss Lawson?  Try finishing behind the T'Wolves on for size.  

TRAILBLAZERS 20-62The painful rebuild starts.  That being said, Lillard is a good centerpiece to build around.  




WARRIORS 62-20Most well-coached team not named the Spurs in the league.  

CLIPPERS 58-24The Clips added much-needed depth and are a strong dark horse for the title.  

SUNS 39-43They have a few nice pieces, no nothing collectively that is enough to compete in the West.  

KINGS31-51Cousins is really, really good.  Rudy Gay is no slouch, but the rest of this roster is kind of a mess.  

LAKERS 25-57 Russell and a healthy Randle make for intriguing future, but the present is ugly.  




CAVS def BULLS in 6.  LeBron continues to ruin my basketball season by eliminating the Bulls.  Again.  Perhaps you have seen this before.  


SPURS def WARRIORS in 7.  Epic series ends with Spurs beating the champs on their own court.  


SPURS def CAVS in 7.  Spurs break the collective hearts of Cleveland by denying them a title again.  


MVP:  James HardenLeBron's healthy, talented support cast actually hurts his numbers a bit, whereas Lawson's presence allows Harden to score even more. 

Posted on October 27, 2015 .