NFL Predictions 2014




Packers: 11-5.  Great QB, improved run game, but unreliable O line and defense keep them from being elite.  

Bears: 11-5 An impressive array of offense weapons and a better (but not great) defense returns Da Bears to Da Playoffs

Lions: 8-8 Man can they pass and stop the run, but inability to stop pass in passing league a killer. 

Vikings: 5-11 AP is still AP, but QB is still QB.  In that they don't have one.  Also can't stop the pass.  



Eagles: 10-6. An incredible offense and terrible defense, is enough to win a bad division. 

Redskins: 8-8. Offense is good but not as dynamic as Eagles. Defense is just awful. 

Giants: 6-10. Eli was dreadful last year, but even if he is better, who runs the ball? The championship window is officially closed.  

Cowboys: 4-12.  Good offense, but aging/injured Romo, oft-injured Murray and historically bad D equals Jason Garrett pink slip.  



Saints: 12-4 The offense is incredible.  The defense is solid now.  Sleeper for the Superbowl.  

Falcons: 9-7 Injuries sunk their season last year.  This year they are better, but run game and D keep them out of the playoffs.  

Buccaneers: 7-9 There is talent on this team, but the question at QB is a big concern. McCown success was product of good Trestman system. 

Panthers: 7-9 Losses to receiving core and injury questions about Newton make for a step back.  Great D keeps them in games though. 



Seahawks: 11-5 Still Young and freakishly talented.  How does anyone score against them? 

49ers: 11-5 Identical model to Seahawks makes this a tossup. Flip a coin on who wins division. 

Cardinals: 9-7 The sad irony of the NFL; a team that is more talented than last year has a worse record because of a brutal schedule.  

Rams: 4-12 I didn't believe in the Rams with Bradford, and I sure as heck don't believe in them without him.  



Bengals: 12-4 Perpetually underrated team gets within a game of Superbowl.  Great O and D, what's not to like? 

Steelers: 7-9 The defense is too old.  The offense is too 1 dimensional. Storied franchise struggles again. 

Ravens: 6-10 See Steelers.  Same problem.  

Browns: 4-12 They are headed in the right direction but suspension of Gordon is a killer. 



Patriots: 11-5 Pats fatten up on bad division. Better secondary certainly helps their cause. 

Bills: 7-9 They have some pieces in place and I think Manuel has promise, but they are still not there yet. 

Jets:  7-9 The defense is still good, but Geno was very erratic last year. Decker was only good because Manning was throwing to him. 

Dolphins: 6-10 Tennehill has promise too, but O line is still a mess, and Moreno won't be healthy. 



Colts: 10-6 Another good-but-not-great team who wins a weak division.  Run game is a mess. 

Texans: 8-8 They make a nice turnaround by destroying opposing QBs, but fall short of playoffs. 

Titans: 7-9 Locker has serious promise but serious health issues too.  Not enough support cast even if he is healthy.  

Jaguars: 2-14. Jones-Drew is gone. Blackmon is in legal trouble. Any other roster as bereft of talent as this one?  



Broncos:  13-3  Offense is still elite.  D should be better.  Scary team.  

Chargers: 10-6 Team that really gelled late last year comes back in tact.  Rivers still a stud.  

Chiefs: 9-7 Smith is steady.  Charles is great.  Defense is still good.  They will be back in the playoffs. 

Raiders: 3-13 A funhouse of awful.  Multiple large contracts for declining vets. Who runs this team and how do they still have a paycheck?  






(6) 49ers defeat (3) Packers

(5) Bears defeat (4) Eagles

(3) Patriots defeat (6) Chiefs

(5) Chargers defeat (4) Colts




(1) Saints defeat (6) 49ers

(2) Seahwaks defeat (5) Bears

(1) Broncos defeat (5) Chargers

(2) Bengals defeat (3) Patriots



(1) Saints defeat (2) Seahawks

(1) Broncos defeat (2) Bengals




Broncos defeat Saints

Posted on August 27, 2014 .