NBA Predictions 2014-15



Raptors - 51-31  Talented core returns and fattens up on a bad division.  Lowry shows he's worth every penny.  

Nets - 40-42  Wily old vets limp into playoffs and give better seeds a scare.  But still lose.  

Knicks 38-44  It will take a while to adjust to the triangle offense.  It was take longer to get good players around Melo.

Celtics 30-52 They actually have some exciting young players, but they will take their lumps...again.  

76ers 15-67 Like the Celtics, talent young players, but they will take even bigger lumps.  HUGE lumps actually.  


Bulls 60-22 So deep they could field 2 teams.  2 playoff teams even.  

Cavaliers 56-26.  The most talented starting five in the NBA but it will take them a bit to gel.  

Pistons 39-43 A formidable front court is derailed by Brandon Jennings chucking up 25 shots a game and making 7 of them.  

Pacers 34-48 A team that was going to struggle to score by losing Lance Stephenson now loses their remaining scorer, Paul George for the year due to a broken leg.  That's rough.  

Bucks 28-54 Parker and the Greek Freak are legit, but too young to avoid a last place finish.  The future is bright, though.  


Hornets 49-33 His histrionics aside, Stephenson can play, and adds the 3rd scoring option they need to win a division with lots of good teams, but no great teams.  

Heat 48-34  Without LeBron, they are merely mortal, but don't pronounce them dead yet.  There is still a lot of talent here.  

Wizards 46-36 Losing Beal to injury puts them in a hole they have to climb out of.  But this a team no one wants to face in the playoffs.  

Hawks 45-37 They have a lot of talent, but I'd wager a starter or two will be in a cast on the bench every night.  

Magic- 29-53  Oladipo is going to miss time.  They will miss Affalo.  More growing pains to come.  




Clippers 58-24 This team is loaded with talent that has played together for a long time.  This is the year they break through.  

Warriors 56-26 Just an eyelash behind the Clips on talent.  Will continue to be stuck behind the slightly superior team.  

Suns 41-41 They've got a ridiculous amount of talented guards, but I'm not sure about that front court.  Think they overachieved a bit last year.  

Kings 34-48 Rudy Gay is good.  DeMarcus Cousin's is great.  But they can't get over the hump without better guard play. 

Lakers 30-52 Kobe is old and broken down.  The rest of the cast is made up of misfits and castoffs.  The Clips are officially the real show in town.  


Thunder 52-30 Very talented but not very deep team feels the loss of their star for first few months but bounces back to win the division.  

Trailblazers 51-31 Puts a scare in the Thunder, but comes up just short.  

Nuggets 42-40  In the Eastern conference this team is playoff material, but not in the rugged west. 

Jazz 32-50 Don't get me wrong, I like Hayward a lot.  But that contract is just silly on a team that's probably still a ways from competing.  

Timberwolves 28-52 Move suffering in Minnesota, but with a silver lining.  Wiggins will be the ROY.  


Spurs 55-27 Tim and Co. continue to do their thing.  Almost 2 decades of playoff appearances?  All in a days work.  

Pelicans 49-33 Ultra talented young Pelicans surprise everyone but me by making the playoffs.  And not just squeaking in, either.  

Mavericks 47-35  Geriatric Mavs still compete.  Chandler a nice defensive addition, for the brief periods he plays between injuries.  

Rockets 44-38 Could have been championship material but they struck out in every conceivable way in free agency.  Harden/Howard still keep them in the playoffs...barely.  

Memphis 43-39  Another western conference casualty.  This team is a 4-5 seed if its in the east, just based on its defense.  


Cavaliers over Bulls in 7.  A series for the ages, but starting talent wins out against depth on this occasion.  

Clippers over Spurs in 6.  Clippers surprise Spurs, who's age finally catches up to them.  


Cavaliers over Clippers in 5.  Cavs win in a gentleman's sweep.  Clips can't handle the wing play of Lebron or the "stretch 4" play of Love.  




Posted on October 26, 2014 .